SAVe energy system proven to deliver significant savings

Golden Energy Offshore and KONGSBERG set new standard for fuel efficient operation

Golden Energy Offshore, a Norwegian shipowner and operator of high specification offshore service vessels, has benefitted from annual total fuel savings of up to 10% following the retrofit installation of a Kongsberg Maritime battery system.

Early adoption pays dividends

The UT 776 CD design Platform Supply Vessels Orla and Frayja were each upgraded earlier this year with a Kongsberg containerised SAVe Energy battery system.

This followed the prototype installation of a vessel and energy monitoring system that was first commissioned back in 2015. This system has been monitoring performance and vessel data for the last four years and helped the crew and management identify and verify steps towards more efficient operation.

Predicting the future

KONGSBERG data analyst Joakim Kjølleberg said: “By having control of all key components onboard, we had all the information needed to further tweak systems in order for the Golden Energy Offshore vessels to perform at their absolute best. These vessels truly represent the realm of possibilities available to shipowners.”

Based on data from the energy monitoring system, data analysts found that the vessels’ performance had significant potential for further savings by adding battery power. A report predicting the actual savings was generated based on the vessels’ data and operational profile. Both vessels have now been sailing with batteries for more than six months and the results are promising.

“By delivering a redundant battery solution into DP operations, the vessels were able to reduce their main engine running hours by 43%, by acting as a safety buffer. The increased load and improved efficiency are very beneficial. Well on its way to achieving annual fuel savings of approximately 360m3 equivalent to around 1000t of CO2 and 3t of NOx"
Joakim Kjølleberg, Data Analyst - KONGSBERG

Front-row seat in developing Green Operations

Per Ivar Fagervoll, CEO, Golden Energy Offshore, said: “Golden Energy Offshore has been certified in ISO 50001 – Energy Management for five years. In addition, we are also certified in ISO 9001 – Quality Management, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001).

“By this we commit to energy management and define goals for reducing fuel oil consumption. How well we manage to reach our goals are thoroughly audited and proven. We have a high focus on how our environmental footprint can be reduced, and how our operations can be optimized to contribute to United Nations sustainability goals. Our long cooperation with KONGSBERG, hosting several pilot projects has had a positive effect. By installing the battery system, shore-power connection and monitoring the performance, the energy consumption and environmental impact are significantly reduced.

“We appreciate the good cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime contribute and enabling us to reach our goals and at the same time have a front row-seat in developing Green Operations"
Per Ivar Fagervoll, Golden Energy Offshore

Kongsberg Maritime’s SAVe Energy concept is an Energy Storage Unit that includes a highly efficient and liquid cooled battery system in a modular design.

The system is scalable according to energy and power requirements, complies with international legislations for low and zero-emission propulsion systems, and can be used for peak shaving, spinning reserve and for full battery power for offshore vessels, cruise ships, ferries, tugs and workboats.

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