Our fully flexible solutions can accommodate the integration of 3rd party Power Management System with full Energy Control functionality on Hybrid.

Full functionality on how to control the energy on producers and consumers is necessary to harvest all the benefits of having a battery on-board. However, a vessel with a DP K-POS from KONGSBERG and PMS from 3rd party supplier, can achieve the same level of Energy Control functionality on Hybrid, as a vessel that has both K-POS and KM PMS with this new smart way of integration.

“At Kongsberg, we seek to develop solutions that are accessible to as many of our clients as possible. Our hybrid solution does require a Kongsberg DP in order to offer a solution that is compatible with any 3rd party PMS. We hope to make the hybrid benefits available to a larger group of vessels.”
Terje Valset , VP Energy and Handling - Kongsberg Maritime

Significant benefits for you and your customers

In vessels that are equipped with Kongsberg DP and a 3rd party Power Management System, the Energy Management System will be installed in the ESS container. Interfaces between EMS and the 3rd party PMS will be serial lines and hard-wired. 3rd party PMS is put in ‘hybrid mode’ for full functionality.

Environmental requirements are increasing rapidly in the maritime industry. Kongsberg Maritime’s hybrid solutions can ensure vessel operations achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption, which results in reduced emissions, lower carbon footprint, and reduced fuel costs. Moreover, taking the load of the generators results in less maintenance and improves time between overhauls.

In short, a Kongsberg Maritime hybrid solution benefits both you and the environment.

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