What would KONGSBERG be without seamless IT services offering global, 24/7 support? The company's growth necessitates changes in IT, introducing new expectations and demands for services, which in turn impact the required competencies. How is KONGSBERG IT gearing up to meet these challenges? A new strategic direction is on the horizon.

KONGSBERG IT ensures that KONGSBERG is always prepared. With a global team of 340 skilled problem-solvers, they protect our digital infrastructure and are vital for maintaining our competitiveness, safeguarding assets, and keeping KONGSBERG at the cutting edge of innovation. Curiosity is ingrained in KONGSBERG IT's DNA, as they continually seek out new and better technologies.

KONGSBERG. Where IT happens.

"Our greatest strength lies in our diversity," says Anne Toril Kasin, department manager at KONGSBERG IT. "Our employees bring a wide range of skills, backgrounds, experiences, genders, ages, and ethnicities. Everyone is valued for their unique qualities," she emphasizes.

KONGSBERG is expanding, and with this growth comes an increasing demand for IT expertise in fields such as computer science, cybersecurity, and other IT-related technologies. Beyond the significant recruitment needs in the coming years, enhancing internal skills is becoming ever more crucial.

Kasin also highlights the apprenticeship program through “K-Tech” as a key focus area, noting a significant increase in intake over the past few years. Starting next year, they will welcome 11 apprentices specializing in IT operations.

"The apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of the company's IT landscape," she says. "We need to adapt in line with the growth we are experiencing, and tomorrow's workforce can help us take the necessary steps to further develop the company."

A landscape in transition

KONGSBERG IT supports all four business areas within KONGSBERG by managing IT systems, developing applications, providing user support, offering consulting services, designing IT architecture, leading projects, and much more. This means you can work on projects supporting Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Discovery, and Kongsberg Digital. The breadth of opportunities is vast, offering numerous possibilities for growth and innovation.

The demand for scalable and flexible IT services is continuously growing, and like the rest of the company, IT must also gear up for expansion. A new strategic direction is on the horizon.

Historically, KONGSBERG IT has been a more operations-focused organization, characterized by firefighting and technical support. Now, the focus is shifting towards a more modern IT function, actively contributing to the company's growth and development.

The IT department has global responsibility for all IT services utilized by the business, and we must continuously adapt to deliver cost-effective solutions that support the organization.

Rune Bruun Evensen, strategy and development at KONGSBERG IT.

To support growth, the IT department is strategically focusing on two key areas to prepare for the future.

First and foremost, they collaborate closely with the various business units within KONGSBERG to understand their future needs and develop strategic plans for the required IT services. This ensures that IT can consistently support the evolving business demands.

Additionally, they have developed a comprehensive internal IT strategy focused on strengthening their capabilities to support the company's business strategies. This strategy includes six main areas with specific goals set for 2028, aimed at improving everything from understanding business needs to developing IT services tailored for a global enterprise.

"In addition to these focus areas, a key strategic goal is to cultivate a culture of collaboration, innovation, learning, and, most importantly, ownership," Evensen explains.

The IT department has embarked on an internal transformation to become more business-oriented. At the turn of the year, they reorganized the IT structure and established line organizations with explicit responsibility for IT services for each business area within KONGSBERG. This encompasses both daily operations and project and change deliveries to the business areas. They are now focused on enhancing collaboration and clarifying interfaces with the business units.

The next phase involves creating detailed plans to enhance the seven strategic areas and implementing the strategic plans developed in collaboration with the business units.

The pulse of KONGSBERG IT - Alexander

"It's an exciting and challenging industry to provide IT services for!" Alexander Popov says enthusiastically.

He joined KONGSBERG IT in September 2023 and has quickly become an integral part of the team, leading the "Hybrid Cloud & Endpoints" department.

"The level of expertise among my colleagues is exceptionally high. I would even venture to say that this is one of Norway's leading and largest centers of knowledge for managing 'Enterprise IT,' says the experienced IT leader.

As a team leader, he has a varied workday that includes employee support, planning, and financial management.

He focuses heavily on creating an environment where the team can thrive, ensuring they have the best possible conditions for success.

For those considering applying to KONGSBERG IT, Alexander has a clear message: "Don't hesitate, just do it! You likely won't find a more exciting workplace in Norway for delivering IT services to internal users," he says.

"With a fantastic work environment and flexible workdays, this is a place that suits almost everyone," he adds with a smile.

The pulse of KONGSBERG IT - Kate

Kate Husebø has been part of KONGSBERG IT since February 2019. She serves as an IT Support Coordinator within the IT Business Support team, focusing primarily on supporting Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

A key aspect of her role involves enhancing processes and ensuring compliance with both external and internal requirements.

Kate mentions that there's always something exciting happening, and she appreciates having many knowledgeable colleagues to seek advice from.

She values the opportunity to expand her expertise in areas that interest her. "If you're someone who embraces challenges, the only limits to what you can achieve in this company are the ones you set for yourself!" she says.

She finds it incredibly rewarding to be part of something significant and to know that she contributes to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

"Here, there are always opportunities to develop and learn something new, and I'm immensely proud to be part of KONGSBERG IT," concludes Kate.