Now that our thesis paper has been submitted and our university years are finally behind us, we can look back at our collaboration with Kongsberg Norcontrol as a crucial part of our academic and professional experience

As part-time employees while studying for a degree in Computer Science at the University of South-Eastern Norway, our thesis project involved the development and deployment of a modern web application and its integration into one of the existing software products maintained by the company.

During the execution of this project, we learned a lot and gained considerable insights into the various work methods and practices that are commonly used throughout the software development industry.

Our problem statement was to develop a standalone application for user management and customer configuration in the Kongsberg Norcontrol cloud-based maritime domain awareness system cView. Previously, identity and access management in cView was a needlessly convoluted and time-consuming task, requiring complex operations both within the local cView database and in one of the related microservices.

The primary technical challenge we aimed to solve was to streamline this process by hiding the underlying complexity behind a stylish and intuitive user interface. When finished, the software product was to be deployed into the existing cView architecture as a self-contained and fully integrated microservice.

Tage Hisdal showing the cView solution

Over the course of the project period, we have been able to directly observe the real-world applications of the theoretical concepts and principles we’ve been taught in class.

While our university studies have provided a solid foundation for understanding the fundamental workings of programming languages and software systems, the practical execution of our thesis project has given us first-hand experience with a wide range of patterns, principles and conventions that were never touched on in our lectures.

We’ve also had the opportunity to use a number of novel technologies and frameworks that have emerged in the last few years, such as the ASP.NET Core Blazor framework and the Docker virtualization platform.

The final product of our thesis project was a finished, full-featured web application with a user-friendly interface for managing accounts and access permissions in the cView ecosystem.

Our primary stakeholders were our colleagues in the cView developer team, who provided extensive guidance and mentorship along the way, ensuring that the technical software functionality was tailored to their specific needs and expectations.

As an independent service seamlessly integrated into the existing cView microservices architecture, the product will soon be deployed in live production environments and used by the developers and IT operations personnel at the company.

We are now excited to keep contributing to cView and other Kongsberg Norcontrol projects as we continue on employed full-time.