The people and jury has spoken: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and NASAMS is the winner of Norwegian Technology Awards 2023. It was Director Products and Technology Øystein Lintvedt and Manager Business Development Tom-Erik Holmen from Integrated Defence Systems division who represented Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace at the 2023 Norwegian Technology Awards.

It was the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) who presented the award to Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace on the main stage during Kongsberg Agenda.

“We are very, very proud! There’s an incredible amount of engineering-hours behind this,” said Lintvedt after the award-ceremony.

The candidates who are nominated must meet certain criteria to win the award. The candidate must represent a good engineering solution, a project or a breakthrough in a technological or societal problem or issue. The technology or solution must have been developed mainly in Norway and documented with at least a prototype or completed delivery.

Defending Ukrainian people

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it quickly became evident that the Ukrainians needed a modern air defence system to defend against the Russian air strikes. And in November 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received the first two deliveries of NASAMS.

That same month, Russia carried out the most massive air strike in Ukraine since the war began, and the Norwegian-developed air defence system had a tough baptism of fire. Overnight, Norwegian NASAMS was on everyone's lips. In retrospect, both the Ukrainian Defence Forces and President Volodymyr Zelenskyj have praised NASAMS, reporting that the system has worked very well. One can only imagine how many lives have been saved.

Will continue to solve safety challenges
For more than 200 years, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has combined industrial experience with technology and creativity. Alone and in partnership with others, we have developed world-class products that have made the planet safer. For the future, we will continue to solve the safety challenges facing the world. Because everything we do is about creating security. It's all about protecting people and the planet to secure future generations.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace would like to congratulate all who have contributed in making NASAMS what it is today, the Norwegian Technology Awards and everyone who cast their vote.