Meet Signe Bjarttun Jørgensen

Our new Executive Vice President of Finance

Building on her extensive leadership experience from various financial and industrial sectors, KDA’s new EVP Finance since November 1st, Signe Bjarttun Jørgensen, brings an interesting and fresh leadership perspective to the management table.

After only a few weeks in her new position, Signe Bjarttun Jørgensen is eager to familiarize herself with the organization and embarking new challenges. Trigged by the company’s growth and ambition, she has a clear vision; to bring a fresh perspective to financial management at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, as well as demystifying financial information by communicating and making it accessible also to those not well-versed within finance.

“The most important thing a financial department does is to provide the management with a solid, necessary and thorough basis for decision-making. And I really enjoy the responsibility and task of leveraging quality facts and insights.”

Originally from a small community called Ramsund, known for its naval military base, in the northern part of Norway, the 46 year old today lives in Oslo with her husband and three daughters at the age 14, 11 and 7. Her background as a Civil Economist and Financial Analyst from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), coupled with her extensive experience in various financial and industrial sectors, positions her as a pivotal figure in the company's future growth and development.

Among Jørgensen’s previous employers are Kredinor, where she worked for 11 years, navigating through regulatory complexities and playing a crucial role in the financial system. Here she also served as temporary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a period. She also has a background from the aviation sector and has held various roles within Avinor, as well as from board work in several companies and various acquisition and merger processes. Her latest employment was as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in both BankID BankAxept and Vipps Holding in parallel.

As a leader, she is concerned with building strong relationships and harnessing the power of teamwork. Her approach is inclusive and focuses on leveraging diversity in the workplace, understanding that different perspectives enrich decision-making processes.

During her career, she has been trusted with leadership responsibilities from the very beginning, and has a strong engagement for women in business, female leadership and diversity;

“ I don’t mean diversity for the sake of diversity, but merely because it brings different perspectives to the table, which I believe is crucial for a dynamic an prosperous team. In my view, innovation and development will not take place unless you ensure that your team consists of differentiating personalities and genders.”

Signe emphasizes the importance of listening to and valuing others' knowledge and skills. Her focus on understanding and adapting to various corporate cultures also suggests a pragmatic and targeted approach, where she balances organizational needs with individual contributions.