Solutions useful for civil society

A part of the National preparedness and emergency planning

KONGSBERG delivers high-tech systems and solutions to industries such as offshore, oil and gas, merchant fleet, aerospace and defence. In addition, KONGSBERG have taken on a great deal of emergency preparedness and emergency planning by partnering with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

KONGSBERG deliver products and services within eight technological competence areas defined by Norwegian Ministry of Defence to be of particular importance for the nation.

We have talked with Anne Marie Hegland, Roar Bergqvist Larsen and Christian Urheim from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, one of KONGSBERG's business areas, about encryption and cyber security, securing operational time for the Norwegian Armed Forces and the future under water.

Another dimension of encryption and cyber security

In addition to delivering maintenance, defence systems and equipment to the Norwegian Armed Forces, KONGSBERG also handle more cryptic tasks - literally.

“We are operating within all areas defined by the Norwegian Intelligence Service and The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) as attractive targets in Norway,” says Anne Marie Hegland. She holds a Ph.D. and works as a Department Manager.

Anne Marie Hegland, Department Manager in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Photo: Anne Marie Hegland, Department Manager in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. Credit: Njål Frilseth / KONGSBERG

KONGSBERG is delivering products to customers that has very strict specifications on encryption and cyber security. This is crucial when working as a supplier in the defence industry. At the same time, the industry itself can be a target in this area. Therefore it is crucial for a supplier in the defence industry to work with continuous research and development.

“We are one of the few authorized Defence providers for highly classified information in NATO,” she says. “This means that we have the expertise to build high security solutions approved to handle critical information.”

Civilian infrastructure and systems can quickly become a target during a crisis, conflict or war. Secure communication through KONGSBERG's solutions is also useful for civil society.

Securing operational time for the Norwegian Armed Forces

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace specializes in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for the Norwegian Air Force machinery and for the Rescue Service. They have to be located onsite at customer locations. You will find KONGSBERG employees across Norway at Evenes, Rygge, Bergen and Bardufoss to mention a few.

“The maintenance collaboration we have with the Norwegian Armed Forces is a very important focus area for KONGSBERG, and we are partnering with them on maintenance of helicopters, vessels and aircrafts,” says Roar Bergqvist Larsen, Marketing Director in the Aerostructures & MRO division, KONGSBERG.

Photo: Roar Bergqvist Larsen, Marketing Director in the Aerostructures & MRO division. Credit: Njål Frilseth / KONGSBERG

KONGSBERG is one of the Norwegian Armed Forces' strategic partners, and are committed to be a technical maintenance supplier. The machines must be operational for service. A very critical and specialized job that requires a focus on safety and precision.

“We have World-Class expertise in F-16 maintenance, and now also adding maintenance of the new Norwegian fighter aircraft F-35,” he continues.

KONGSBERG has just had its depot approved for heavy maintenance on the F-135, which is the F-35 fighter jet engine, as the second global partner outside the United States. This depot will ensure that the entire F-35 fleet in our geographical area has maximum operating time.

The future under water

The technology of the future is driven by innovation, creativity and cooperation. KONGSBERG is in a prime position when Norway will develop next generation submarine together with Germany.

KONGSBERG has signed a long-term collaboration with a German shipyard to produce state-of-the-art submarines together. KONGSBERG will deliver complex command and control systems to these submarines.

"Our vision is to get even more NATO countries into this technology collaboration, so that expertise and knowledge can be merged together into a unique solution as a backbone for these submarines," says Christian Urheim, Sales Manager at Submarine Programs, KONGSBERG.

Christian Urheim, Sales Manager in Submarine Programs

Photo: Christian Urheim, Sales Manager in Submarine Programs. Credit: Njål Frilseth / KONGSBERG.

KONGSBERG has delivered command and control systems for over 50 years.

The company has an innovative software environment, where they also work closely with Norwegian research clusters and companies to develop prime solutions for command and control systems. KONGSBERG is also collaborating with several high-tech companies outside Norway, including Germany.

Like the MRO activities in KONGSBERG, the submarine projects contributes to employment outside the city of Kongsberg.

“We have established a high-tech industrial center in Moss, which will be expanded from 40 to almost 200 employees in a short time,” says Christian Urheim.

Competence and social responsibility

“Expertise in cyber security is crucial for civil protection and emergency preparedness. This is something KONGSBERG has worked with for many years - both through the systems we have developed and through our own Cyber ​​Security Center establishment,” says Anne Marie Hegland.

As a national contribution to raise security competence in Norway, KONGSBERG has been involved in launching a PhD program for cyber security.

“We are contributing to raise competence on the nation's cyber security,” Hegland.

Several suppliers within the small and medium-sized businesses market segment will have the opportunity to collaborate with KONGSBERG in making future products. 

“This is an important value chain nationally. Through our Norwegian suppliers, we are creating sustainable jobs in Norway that will contribute to national preparedness and security,” Urheim concludes.

In collaboration with the industry, the Norwegian Government will prioritize the following technological areas of competence:

  • Command, control and information systems
  • System integration
  • Autonomous systems
  • Missile technology
  • Underwater sensors
  • Ammunition, sights, remote-controlled weapons stations and military explosives
  • Material technology specially developed and / or machined for military purposes
  • Lifetime support for military land, sea and air systems