"Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has the most exciting and technically challenging jobs in Norway."

When Håvard decided to move home to Norway after several years of studying abroad, he was never in doubt about where he wanted to work.

Only Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) could manage his expectations of an employer, and give him the opportunities to challenge himself on exciting technology and solutions that the world needs.

And that's how it went. First as a Software Developer in the Land Systems division, and gradually into the position he holds today as Senior Software Architect, with the responsibility for the overall design of software for remote weapon stations.

He has never regretted his decision to move back home.

“Kongsberg is an incredibly great city to live a family-life. There are so many opportunities for children here with a safe and good environment to grow up in.”

Håvard is part of a significant, young and rapidly growing Software environment at KONGSBERG. An environment in need of several skilled new colleagues - working the entire "SW-stack" from low level to user interface. He is proud to be part of a team that supports each other and is willing to go the extra mile.

And it is precisely when the team succeeds in delivering large and complicated tasks on time that his motivation and commitment is the greatest.

Having lived in big cities both in Norway and abroad during his studies, the 41-year-old admits that he sometimes misses big-city life. But with four children between the ages of 2 and 10, the annual family trip to Disneyland in Tokyo is a good replacement.

“It’s probably no surprise that we are a bunch of gamers, and like to spend time in front of the screen - both at and outside of work.”

As a Software Architect, he works across interdisciplinary teams to synchronize and capture the big picture and connections. The aim is to prepare an understandable architecture so that the developers easily can see what work they have to do and where it fits into the context. He also supports developers with coding and code reviews.

“Detective work" in the hunt for strange "bugs" that can occasionally appear in the systems, is another common interest among the team members. Fortunately it doesn't happen very often, but Håvard enjoy looking for the "needle in the haystack", preferably with as few clues as possible. Problem solving is fun, regardless.


“In recent years, we have taken major steps to renew ourselves and avoid being stuck in old ways of doing things,” says Håvard.
He refers to a modernization of the weapon station software, with new tools and an architecture that allows testing and simulation of the code to a completely different extent than before.

And testing is an important part of the code-breaking work in the defence industry. Whether it’s in the lab, on a shooting range, with a customer or through simulation. And there are good routines in place to ensure that new developers are supported by seniors and mentors when testing and simulating the software to make sure that everything works as intended.

There is also development opportunities to delve into special subject areas for those who want to.

And celebrating successes and milestones are important.

“In a software environment like this, you can easily end up in a situation where you focus on the things that don't work. That is why it is important that we also celebrate our successes - because we do an incredible amount of good work in a very short time.”

Håvard Lund Credit N.Frilseth - KONGSBERG-5.jpg

With two Master's degrees and half a PhD on his resume, not many others can say that they have the same background as Håvard.

“But if you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree and can do programming, then we need you,” he concludes with a smile.