The Medium Caliber Turret MCT is awarded the KONGSBERG Technology Award 2018. - We have very dedicated teams that are professional in all aspects.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

They have really given their heart and soul in this product, says Product Manager Lars Egil Bjørset.

The Technology Award is annularly awarded by KONGSBERG to a product or project within the Group. The purpose is to generate focus and publicity related to technology and innovation.
- The jury selected PROTECTOR MCT with the majority of the votes. PROTECTOR MCT has already proven to increase value for KOG and shows a significant potential in the market going forward, says Ola Jacob Iversen from KONGSBERG Technology Forum.

-  The product comprises several inventions by combining existing and new technologies to improve space utilization within the vehicle, low weight, low power consumption, high reliability, low cost and high performance.

- An innovative solution was developed for the gun and ammunition feed system which has resulted in a significantly more reliable system compared to competitive solutions, states Ola Jacob Iversen.

PROTECTOR MCT is a new and innovative product based on the same concept as RWS, a remote-controlled weapon, but for heavier caliber (30mm cannon).

In today’s equivalent systems, called manned towers, the gunner enters the tower structure and follow the tower’s rotational movements, which occupies a lot of space inside the vehicle.

The PROTECTOR MCT provides highly accurate firepower for wheeled and tracked combat/armored vehicles. The system is remotely controlled and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle compartment. 

The main armament is a 30mm automatic cannon equipped with a link less ammunition handling system for increased reliability compared to traditional link fed cannon systems.

The award was received by Product Manager Lars Egil Bjørset, on behalf of the broad team responsible for developing the Medium Caliber Turret solution.

- From the technical side I would like to point out tree things. It has a reliable ammunition feed system based on technology from attack helicopters and fighter aircrafts. This is used in the Medium Caliber Turret mainly because there is no personnel in the turret that can fix any problems with the ammunition feed.

- Secondly we develop all sub-systems in-house in KONGSBERG, meaning there is a KONGSBERG person that can fix basically any problem that we se.

- Last but not least we have very dedicated teams that are professional in all aspects, from development and production, to test personnel out in the field. They have really given their heart and soul in this product, concludes Product Manager Lars Egil Bjørset.