Joystick control system, cJoy


Our compact series of products include the “cJoy” joystick control system, especially developed to meet the requirements for an independent joystick system (IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1580 ch. 3.7). However, the system can be used on all vessels with a need for a joystick to control the vessel. The system offers advanced wind compensated joystick control with automatic heading control. GNSS based station keeping may be offered as an option.

cJoy is a joystick control system consisting of a cJoy controller unit and a cJoy operator terminal. The terminal consists of a display, buttons and a computer built into a small cabinet allowing it to be fitted into existing consoles or mounted in areas where space is limited. The controller unit and the operator terminal communicate via a single network connection. The system provides interfaces to the thrusters and necessary sensors.

The cJoy operator terminal provides vessel control via joystick or autopilot. It is ergonomically designed for simple control, and features a colour display, 3-axis joystick and quick access buttons for intuitive operation. The cJoy wing terminal can be interfaced to the operator terminal and mounted outdoors as a cost-effective tool for joystick manoeuvring at the bridge wings.

Operational modes

  • Joystick mode: Allows the operator to manually control the vessel’s position and heading from a Joystick.
  • Auto Heading mode: The Joystick system will automatically maintain the required vessel heading.
  • Station Keeping mode (optional): The DP system will automatically maintain the present position and heading. GNSS interface is required.
  • Autopilot mode (optional): Enables the vessel to steer automatically on a predefined heading. For the cJoy - DP Autopilot to be approved in accordance with EU MED as an automatic heading control device at least one of the operator terminals must be located at the conning position.

System functionality

  • Automatic wind compensation.
  • Controller gain settings low, medium and high.
  • Enabling and adjustment of heading and position alarm limits.
  • Selection of different pre-defined thruster allocation settings.
  • Selection of rotation center forward, center or aft.

Basic configuration

  • cJoy operator terminal with joystick, heading selector wheel, buttons, and a build-in display.
  • cJoy control cabinet equipped with a RCU602 controller and IO modules including galvanic isolated analogue outputs.
  • Interfaces for thrusters, gyro compasses, wind sensors, mrus and GNSS.

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