Simrad 38/200 Combi D

Simrad 38/200 Combi D is a 38 and 200 kHz dual frequency single beam transducer


The Simrad 38/200 Combi D transducer combines two transducers and one temperature sensor in a single housing. It is designed with a streamlined shape for hull mounting on small vessels.

  • Fish finding echo sounders
  • Hydrographic echo sounders
  • Navigation echo sounders

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  • Frequency: 38 and 200 kHz
  • Beamwidth:
    • 38 kHz longitudinal: 13°
    • 38 kHz transverse: 21°
    • 200 kHz longitudinal: 7°
    • 200 kHz transverse: 7°
  • Maximum pulse power input: 1000 W
  • Maximum continuous power input: 10 W
  • Maximum transducer depth: 20 m
  • Cable length: 15 m
  • Weight with cable: 8 kg
  • Physical dimensions:
    • Length: 403 mm
    • Width: 92 mm

Order number

  • KSV-203004

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