Developed for the Norwegian Army, the National Manoeuvre Air Defence System (NOMADS) represents a groundbreaking innovation within its segment.

This highly mobile, ground-based air defence system is designed to protect the Army's manoeuvre units close to the frontline against increasingly complex aerial threats. With capabilities unmatched by any existing system, NOMADS is tailor-made to address both current and future challenges.

In a world characterized by geopolitical uncertainty, the advancement of defence technology is becoming increasingly crucial. The NOMADS development project is a triangular collaboration between Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG), the Norwegian Armed Forces, and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency.


  • • NOMADS is a highly mobile, mechanized short-range air defence system.

  • • Designed for excellent off-road mobility.

  • • Command and control, radar and missiles on the same platform.

  • • Autonomous and network capabilities.

  • • Armor and Remote Weapon System for self-protection.

  • A universal missile that can be used both in fighter jets and NASAMS.

  • • Integrated with NASAMS and other air defence systems.

  • • The SHORAD module can also be used on other vehicles.

NOMADS consists of a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence) module mounted on an armoured mechanized vehicle with high off-road mobility. This module integrates key command and control functions and applications from the medium-range NASAMS system and includes a passive seeker missile and an AESA radar from Weibel Scientific in Denmark. The system is capable of detecting and intercepting drones, UAVs, cruise missiles, helicopters, and aircraft.

The NOMADS units tested and delivered to the end user in Norway have received excellent feedback.

The long-term plan of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, and the need to further strengthen the country’s air defence, suggest that orders for NOMADS will increase in the future. Additionally, there is growing international demand for the capabilities that NOMADS offers.

Expectations are high both before and after the official launch of NOMADS, scheduled for June at this year’s Eurosatory in Paris, the largest international exhibition for military land systems. The vehicle will be showcased as a key component of KONGSBERG’s exhibit. 

“We know that the capability NOMADS represents is in demand internationally,” says Hans Christian Hagen, Vice President Business Development for Air and Coastal Defence Systems at KONGSBERG.

"Our expectations are high for the reception of the air defence system both during and after the exhibition. We hope that the market launch will lead to inquiries from additional nations," he says.

It is expected that especially NASAMS customers in the Nordic countries and other NATO nations will show interest in this highly mobile short-range air defence system.

What makes NOMADS unique?
NOMADS is tailor-made to protect manoeuvring army forces, transportation routes, command centres, and logistical areas in a dynamic land combat environment. The system's high mobility, manoeuvrability, firepower, and level of protection meet the standards for mechanized units, which NOMADS is designed to provide air defence coverage for.

Furthermore, the air defence capability with command and control (C2), radar with IFF, and missiles are combined on a single platform. This enables autonomous air defence operations with NOMADS both day and night. Two or more NOMADS vehicles can operate within a network, allowing for highly effective coordination and concentrated firepower across a larger area.

NOMADS can seamlessly integrate with NASAMS and other air defence systems to provide layered coverage using a mix of missiles and sensors, as well as enhanced situational awareness within the network. The missile used in NOMADS is also deployed on fighter jets and in NASAMS, making it a universal missile. The configuration is modular, and the SHORAD module in NOMADS can be mounted on various vehicles, as it is vehicle-agnostic.

In addition to its armour, NOMADS is equipped with a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for self-protection. The RWS includes its own sensor suite, which can also be used against ground targets and simple air targets. The vehicle used in NOMADS, the Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) G5, was developed by Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH (FFG) in Germany based on specifications from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

On May 28th and 29th, the Norwegian Armed Forces successfully conducted a test firing of NOMADS at Andøya.

While NASAMS is a mobile air defence system primarily designed to protect bases, cities, airports, and other strategically important areas and critical infrastructure, NOMADS is intended to be deployed closer to and at the frontline. When facing an enemy and under heavy artillery fire, self-protection in the form of armour is crucial. Its protective capabilities include defence against both landmines and artillery. NOMADS can defend against small, short-range targets as drones and cruise missiles, providing unique protection against threats like those currently seen in Ukraine. Its configuration is designed for rapid movement over rough terrain and with unprecedented into-action-time. 

Several current NASAMS customers are expected to incorporate NOMADS into their defence systems and the system will be configured to use the same missile as NASAMS, simplifying logistics and ensuring interoperability. This will be crucial if the threat level increases.

The ability for the NOMADS SHORAD module to utilize NASAMS missiles enhances overall readiness, protects critical infrastructure, and makes NOMADS a vital asset for the Army's frontline forces. The combination of different systems ensures the best protection. It's not just about range, but also about handling various threats. Therefore, we extend our spectre of products to be optimized for different tasks, and NOMADS provides the necessary mobility for this purpose.

Unmatched capabilities

NOMADS is optimized for maximum battlefield efficiency, typically networked and integrated into NATO Integrated Air & Missile Defence (IAMD). The system can be easily adapted to any NATO-compatible ground-based air defence (GBAD) mission or unit.

The core of the system is an advanced and easy-to-operate command and control system that coordinates multiple NOMADS units within a network, enabling coordinated and efficient use of missiles along with automated target detection. The system can prioritize threats and launch multiple missiles at different targets simultaneously. In addition, drones can be engaged at very close-range using effectors from the platform's secondary effector, the Remote Weapon Station (RWS).

The system calculates the best way to handle the situation based on an accurate prioritization of detected threats, and operators automatically receive recommendations from the C2 system. Given the dynamic challenges of land combat, NOMADS has the capacity to operate autonomously. This ensures an effective response and a high level of protection for allied forces, even under the most demanding conditions.

“NOMADS offers everything in one package,” says Bart Van Zutphen, Project Manager for NOMADS at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. “It is mobile, armoured, and provides protection against fire. It has its own effector and sensor and can operate both autonomously and within a network of other mobile units. This comprehensive package is unique; currently, no one else offers this, making us the first in the world,” he explains.

The Norwegian Army finally receives enhanced air defence
"For the Army to effectively engage high-tech adversaries, modern air defence systems are essential. Today's contract signing marks a cornerstone in reestablishing air defence capabilities for the Army. Air defence plays a pivotal role in our strategic defence plans for Norway,” stated Major General and Chief of the Army at the time, Eirik Kristoffersen, during the contract signing with KONGSBERG in October 2019."

The Norwegian Armed Forces had set numerous high and ambitious expectations for the system's performance, all of which have been fulfilled. The project's execution has been marked by effective communication between the customer and the supplier, with both parties sharing the common objective of delivering a highly mobile, adequate air defence system to the Army. The collaboration with proficient subcontractors, who have demonstrated exceptional quality and execution capabilities, has also been instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.

An exciting reception now awaits in the international market.
“It has been both fun and rewarding to contribute to this process. We have involved the end user from day one, which is crucial for ensuring that we meet the specifications and achieve the desired outcome,” says Ove Jørn Luktvasslimo, Manager of Business Development at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, who has experience as an Army officer.

KONGSBERG’s air defence expertise, particularly with NASAMS, has been central to the development of NOMADS. However, innovation has also been crucial to meet the Armed Forces' requirements. Many skilled employees and resources from various fields have been involved in both the development and production phases. The process has undoubtedly been challenging, with new issues, uncertainties, and risks. Nevertheless, it has been highly motivating to use our expertise in this way, think creatively, and find solutions. The project has generated significant internal enthusiasm, with many eager to get involved and proud of what we have achieved.

"First and foremost, it's always a bit special to develop capability for our own armed forces, and it has been incredibly rewarding to collaborate with the project team and especially with the customer," says Ole Andre Øverland, Project Technician at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. He expresses pride in being part of the team that has worked on the development and production leading up to the first delivery.

“The great thing about this project is that we have further enhanced our expertise in integrating comprehensive, newly developed software and hardware. A significant part of the work has been ensuring that the software and hardware function seamlessly together and cooperate effectively,” says Software Manager Hege Braathen Nilsen.

With extensive experience at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, she finds it inspiring to shift focus from maintenance projects to working on innovation, development, and creating new code.

Trustworthy collaboration: a prerequisite for success

In an era where the demands on defence technology and products are ever-increasing, collaboration in their development has become paramount. Throughout this project, maintaining robust and close dialogue has been instrumental in achieving its success. The Armed Forces, serving as both the customer and end-user, have not only provided specific operational requirements but also offered valuable insights into the deployment scenarios for the new air defence system.

In the final four weeks leading up to system integration and testing, the end-users were actively involved, offering invaluable support to the project team. Additionally, KONGSBERG has facilitated comprehensive training and instruction sessions for the Army to ensure their proficiency in operating the system.

"NOMADS has demonstrated how Norwegian industry, the Armed Forces, and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA), can collaborate to develop a world-leading and future-oriented air defence system. This capability is in high demand internationally”, stated Tomas Beck, Brigadier and Chief of Land Capabilities at NDMA, during the inaugural demonstration of the combat air defence system in 2023.

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) also plays a pivotal role in development projects overall. With their extensive expertise, they guide both us and our subcontractors in the right direction.

"This project serves as an excellent example of successful collaboration and close dialogue every step of the way," remarks project leader Van Zutphen, who has previously worked in both the Army and NDMA before joining Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. "On a personal level, this has been incredibly rewarding - being able to deliver an air defence project to support the Norwegian Army is truly fantastic," he concludes.

NOMADS - National Manoeuvre Air Defence System