KCC 100 4D

The navigator’s eyes are always on watch. To replace or assist them a camera platform with uncompromising precision and reliability is needed. KONGSBERG Camera Cluster (KCC) delivers just this, in a compact and hard-wearing housing, with configurable 107 to 215 degrees coverage. We utilize the latest in machine vision CMOS technology, together with powerful edge processing, to enable crystal clear imagery.

Unrivalled pixel precision

KCC can be delivered with precise optical parameters describing each camera. These parameters, together with mechanics tested and approved for the rough maritime environment, enables unrivalled pixel precision when integrating the platform into a sensor fusion application.


The camera cluster has a compact size, robust connectors and flexible mounting bracket that enables setting up a distributed camera system. This flexibility is essential to create the needed Situational Awareness for your vessel type.

Key features

  • Uncompromising precision and readability
  • Delivers a configurable 107-to-215-degree horizontal field of view, and 44-degree vertical field of view
  • Mechanics tested and approved for the rough maritime environment
  • Compact size
  • Flexible mounting bracket

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