Single beam echo sounder for full ocean depths

EA640 is a high-precision deep-water hydrographic single beam echo sounder for use in all water depths, from very shallow to full ocean depths.

The EA640 Wideband transceiver

Using the WBT wideband transceiver unit EA640 simultaneously operates with several different transducers ranging from 12 kHz for the deepest waters up to 500 kHz for very shallow depths. For low frequency transducers below 50 kHz the WBT is available as a high-power system, ensuring enough transmitted power to reach the deepest spots of the ocean.

World class bottom detection algorithms ensures reliable high-precision depth determination. Bottom slope information is also provided.

  • The 4-channel standard WBT transmit and receives data simultaneously on 4 channels, ranging from 10 kHz to 500 kHz. The channels can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing for different applications and/or redundancy.
  • Transmit power for the standard WBT is 500W for each of the 4 channels
  • The high-power WBT provides 2 channels, ranging from 10 to 50 kHz, each allowing for up to 2000W transmit power.
  • The WBT communicates with a standard Windows 10 computer running the EA640 software via an ethernet link. Several WBTs, standard or high-power, with different configurations can be used.
  • The WBT is opened for applicable transducers using license management. Licenses can be added by the user by a license code provided by Kongsberg Support.
  • The WBT is powered by a 12-15 VDC power supply.
  • Wide band frequency sweep (FM) in combination with advanced signal processing gives an exceptionally good signal to noise ratio and range resolution.

Key features

  • Applications from very shallow to full ocean depths
  • World class bottom detection algorithms
  • CW and FM pulses
  • True raw data logging
  • Sound velocity compensation from profile, from file, or manual input
  • Spectrum information for noise observations


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