Splashproof single beam echo sounder

The EA440SP is a splashproof version of the standard EA440, making it the perfect portable echo sounder for surveying in shallow depths in small and open boats.

Versatile Applications and Advanced Technology

EA440 is a high performance hydrographic wide band single beam echo sounder. The echo sounder is developed for hydrographic use in shallow to medium depth waters. The EA440SP consists of a Wide Band Transceiver (WBT) housed in a rugged and splashproof protective suitcase with a computer. The computer can be delivered as a standard laptop or a rugged IP rated laptop or notepad.

Ease of Use and Durable Design

Ease of operation is central to the EA440 hydrographic echo sounder. Its intuitive software configures, operates, logs, and monitors surveying activities, displaying vessel track and sidescan coverage on the map view. The splashproof EA440SP is designed specifically for small or open boat operations where exposure to the elements is a concern. The design allows for straightforward connection of the transducer and computer, providing a durable solution that can be powered by 12 VAC. With the ability to handle diverse survey applications through the right choice of transducers and licenses, the EA440 interprets high-precision depth measurements and can be adapted for sidescan sonar surveys and sub-bottom profiling.

Customization and Support

The EA440 echo sounder offers a high degree of customization through the selection of transducers and available licenses, which can be easily managed by the user. This customization extends the capabilities of the EA440, allowing it to perform tasks like seabed imaging and profiling the upper sediment layers. For convenience and precision, Kongsberg also provides a tailor-made bracket designed for the combination of EA440 sidescan sonar and its transducers, emphasizing the system's flexibility and Kongsberg's commitment to supporting client needs with a complete hydrographic depth view solution.

Key features

  • Applications from 0.2 m to 3000 m water depths
  • Sidescan sonar application from 100 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Sub-bottom profiler echo sounder application from 10 kHz to 30 kHz
  • High performance observations from 30 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Wide band transceiver (WBT) housed in a rugged and protective suitcase with a computer
  • Available with high power output from 30 kHz to 50 kHz
  • Extensive range of transducer interfaces, both Kongsberg transducers and third-party transducers
  • Splashproof all-in-one hardware setup
  • CW and FM pulse forms configurations
  • True raw data logging
  • World-class bottom detection
  • Map display to track coverage
  • Wide band frequency sweep (FM) in combination with advanced signal processing gives an exceptionally good signal to noise ratio and range resolution.

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