Single beam echo sounder

EA440 is a high performance hydrographic wide band single beam echo sounder. The echo sounder is developed for hydrographic use in shallow to medium depth waters. It supports portable and hull mounted sidescan and sub-bottom light for shallow waters.

Advanced Hydrographic Capabilities

The EA440 excels in delivering advanced hydrographic capabilities. With its 4-channel standard WBT, the EA440 operates across a range of 10 kHz to 500 kHz, transmitting and receiving data simultaneously. This feature enables versatility in applications and redundancy setup. Besides, the EA440 ensures high-quality signal and range resolution through its wide band frequency sweep and advanced signal processing.

Multiple frequencies available

Up to eight transceiver channels can be operated simultaneously from the EA440. For improved performance, the transceivers are installed close to the transducers and linked to the combined display and processor unit with a single Ethernet cable. The available frequencies range from 10 to 500 kHz..

High-resolution sidescan function

The EA has a side scan function that is ideal for object detection, the morphology of the sea bed, dredging control, and obstacle and wreck detection. Objects in the side-scan view can be marked by a mouse click and the position information will be stored. This data can then be exported real-time to external software if connected to a GNSS positioning and heading device. The KONGSBERG Sonar Mosaic software is available for this purpose. With an extra zoom function, interesting targets or objects can be scaled up for detailed inspection. The zoom area is freely adjustable, and the window can be positioned as an overlay on any part of the side-scan echogram

Key features

  • Applications from 0.2 m to 3000 m water depths
  • Supports portable and hull mounted sidescan and sub-bottom light for shallow waters
  • Wide Band Transceiver with 4-channel standard
  • Communicates with a standard Windows 10 computer via an ethernet link
  • Powered by a 12-15 VDC power supply
  • Offers wide band frequency sweep (FM) and advanced signal processing
  • User-friendly software with map display for tracking coverage and internal storage of raw sample data


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