Simrad SH90 Scientific interface

Over the last years we have seen an increased interest in sonar from the scientists in the fishery research field. With the "Scientific Interface" option, you can retrieve scientific information directly from a stable and accurate sensor.

Within the scientific community, sonar can be used for research purposes to provide information about fish distribution, fish school volumes and shape. Understanding this need, the latest Simrad sonars are all equipped with a scientific interface.

Using a Simrad sonar, the combination of the horizontal and vertical beams displays the school of fish from above and from the side at the same time. It is not necessary to go over the target to see the vertical distribution on the echo sounder. When the optional beam stabilizer is activated, both the horizontal and vertical beams will be electronically stabilized for roll and pitch. This allows the full circle beam to stay on the target independent of the vessel movement, and thus maintaining contact with the target even in rough seas.

With such a stable and accurate sonar, the data provided by the sonar's scientific interface can provide useful and important information. Typically, the data provided include output of sonar beam data, sonar settings and processed data.

Output data provided

Sonar beam data for each beam:

  • Direction
  • Distance to sample
  • Sample amplitude

Sonar settings to keep track of how the sonar was used during an experiment or survey (operational environment):

  • Range
  • Bearing
  • Tilt angle
  • Gain
  • Mode
  • Transmit mode
  • Pulse form
  • TX Power
  • Ping Sector
  • TVG
  • AGC
  • RCG
  • Ping Ping Filter

In addition to sonar settings and beam data, processed data results are available for export :

  • Target depth
  • Target position
  • Target speed
  • Target area
  • Estimated School Biomass (tons)
  • Purse seine set

The sonar can receive data from other equipment for its own use. These data can be output along with other sonar data., typically:

  • Ship position
  • Trawl position (from Simrad ITI)
  • Trawl depth
  • Purse seine depth (from Simrad PI)

The sonars have Windows XP interface, which facilitates connection to auxiliary equipment:

  • Data output to Ethernet