Simrad PI50 System diagram

The PI50 system units are small, and they can easily be fitted on all fishing vessels.

A basic PI50 system diagram is provided. Interface capabilities, power supplies and power cables are not shown.

The Simrad PI50 comprises the following units:


A. Colour display
B. Processor Unit (computer)
C. Sensor Receiver
D. Power Supply
E. Hydrophone
F. Catch Monitoring Sensors

The hydrophone is mounted under the vessel’s hull.

Additional and/or optional units include:

  • Sensor battery charger(s)
  • Hydrophone selector
  • Loudspeaker

The Simrad PI50 Catch monitoring system can receive six measurements simultaneously from PS, PI or PX sensors. The sensors are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. They are housed in titanium casings, and designed using advanced shock absorbing materials. The information collected by the sensors are sent through the water to the hydrophone by means of coded sound waves.

The PI50 Sensor Receiver amplifies and decodes the information, converts it to digital format, and sends it to the Processor Unit (computer). The computer interprets the information, and finally presents it to you.

A loudspeaker must be installed if you wish to hear the audible alarms. Note that a loudspeaker can not be connected directly to the computer. An amplifier is required.