Simrad PI50 End user documentation

A collection of end user manuals is provided. All can be opened and/or downloaded using the link User and installation documents on the right hand side. The manuals are provided on several formats.

Selected manuals are also provided as electronic books (EPUB) and as separate websites. Observe the links below.

  • The PDF (Portable Document Format) files provided are suitable for printing. They can also be used as an interactive manual on your computer. To open PDF files you need the Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from
  • The CHM files provided are those used as on-line help. These files can also be opened on your computer, provided that a Microsoft operating system is installed. Note that the CHM file must be located on your hard disk. The on-line help file contains the same information as the reference manual.
  • The EPUB format is provided for reading tablets and smart-phones. Use a web browser on your device, click the link, and download the EPUB file using the functionality offered by the operating system. Note that a dedicated reading application may be required.

If you are connected to the internet with a computer, reading tablet or telephone, selected manuals are provided as separate websites. This format may offer the fastest access to the information you need.


Observe the Download documents links on the right hand menu.