Simrad ES70 Transceiver Unit

The General Purpose Transceiver (GPT) is generic transmitter and receiver unit provided for fish finding and scientific echo sounders.

It is currently put to use with the following Simrad echo sounder systems:

  • Simrad ES60
  • Simrad ES70
  • Simrad EK60
  • Simrad EY60

The General Purpose Transceiver (GPT) contains the transmission and reception circuitry for the echo sounder. It supports several configurations to suit your specific operational requirements, and it can be fitted for single beam and split beam operations with a large combination of frequencies.

The GPT communicates with the topside computer by means of an ethernet cable. This means that the GPT can be physically located a long distance away from the computer.


Physical dimensions:

  • Width: 284 mm
  • Height: 112 mm
  • Depth: 246 mm


The basic General Purpose Transceiver (GPT) holds a power supply and an interface board. In addition, you can add up to four transceiver bords of various types and frequencies. Using combinations of these transceiver boards, the GPT can be set up to suit your specific needs.

Multiple GPTs in use

On large systems, more than one GPT can be put to use. On such systems, all the GPTs are connected to the same Processor Unit through an Ethernet switch.