Simrad EQ50 Single-beam multi-frequency fish finding echo sounder

The Simrad EQ50 echo sounder is the perfect tool for any angler, boater or marine enthusiast! If you want to improve your fishing efficiency and do not need the features offered by a split-beam echo sounder, the Simrad EQ50 is the perfect choice. Four different operating frequencies are available with a single transceiver unit.

Simrad EQ50

The Simrad EQ50 can handle four different operating frequencies simultaneously. The license includes all these frequencies. This example shows how the EQ50 can present data from a Simrad C-All transducer.

It is a well-established fact that the echo sounder’s operating frequency is essential for good results. This is because the echo strength of different fish species varies with frequency. Some fish species are easier to find with a high frequency than a low one, and vice versa. This is also important if you want to find smaller species, such as shrimp or krill. At the same time, lower frequencies generally have a longer range. A low frequency allows you to find both the fish and the bottom when you work in deep water. For these reasons, many echo sounder systems have more than one transducer. Some users prefer two transducers to work with two different frequencies, while others want more. Additional transducers increase the echo sounder’s price and entail increased installation costs.

That’s why the Simrad EQ50 offers four operating frequencies with only one single C-All transducer.

Equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology, the Simrad EQ50 delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability in any condition. With a maximum depth capability of 1,000(*) meters, you can easily detect fish even in the deepest and darkest corners of the ocean.
Designed with the user in mind, the Simrad EQ50 is easy to install and use, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for use on any vessel, from small boats to large yachts. With the high-resolution display of your choice, you will be able to see everything in crystal-clear detail, ensuring that you never miss a thing.

Simrad EQ50

When you use the Simrad C-All transducer, the EQ50 will present the information in four echograms, one for each operating frequency. In this example, you can see two additional information panes. Each panel shows the size of the fish under the keel, as measured with the relevant operating frequency (120 and 200 kHz).

System diagram

The Simrad EQ50 uses the same physical units as the well-known Simrad ES80 echo sounder but with single-beam transducers. The Simrad C-All multi-frequency transducer is the best match for the EQ50.

Simrad EQ50 system diagram

If you want to purchase the Simrad EQ50, you need a computer, a display monitor, a wide-band transceiver and one or more transducers. The EQ50 is a modular system. Each unit is small and easy to install. The main components are:

(A) Display monitor (the second display is optional)
(B) Processor Unit (computer)
(C) Ethernet communication cable
(D) Wideband Transceiver (WBT)
(E) Transducer

Simrad C-All

The Simrad C-All is a single-beam transducer designed for fish-finding applications. The transducer body includes four different transducer elements providing four operational frequencies: 38, 70, 120 and 200 kHz.

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Current software version

We recommend that you always keep your Simrad EQ50 system upgraded with the latest software version.

Current software version: v23.1

All applicable information related to this software release can be found in the Software Release Note. The Software Release Note is only available in English.

Contact your local dealer for an upgrade. He/she can provide the software update and relevant licenses and will install the software for you. Your dealer can also provide other advice related to the use and maintenance of your echo sounder system.

The Simrad EQ50 will only provide full functionality if a valid software license has been obtained and installed on your computer. A dedicated form has been provided to apply for such a license. You can use this form if you are one of our registered dealers or distributors.

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