Introducing Simrad's PX Family

The Simrad PX Family is series of multifunctional catch monitoring sensors that use state-of-the-art software, electronics and batteries.

The catch monitoring sensors provide you with a set of modern and cost effective tools for catch control. Each can by default make two measurements, and you decide which measurements each sensor shall do. By adding a software license, the sensors can make additional measurements.

Each PX sensor is multifunctional. This means that the tasks that you previously needed several different catch monitoring sensors to do can now be done using one single sensor. Each PX sensor - alone or with others - can do all the tasks you previously needed a variety of different PI and PS sensors to do.


Each PX sensor can easily be configured by connecting it to a computer, and running the PX Configurator program.


The PX sensors must be charged between operations. Each sensor is equipped with a custom made Li-Ion battery package. With this battery, the sensor offers significantly longer operation when compared with previous generations of Simrad sensors.

The sensor is charged using the PX Charger. This charger is provided with a special plug that prevents shortcuts or incorrect connections. Charging is fully automatic. When the sensor is fully charged, the charging current is limited to ensure long battery life.

Recommended charging temperature is between +5 and +45°C (+41 to +113°F).


Each Simrad PX sensor is equipped with minimum two transducers. One transducer sits on the tip of the sensor, and communicates with the catch monitoring system on your vessel. This communication is made using coded acoustic pulses. Both operating frequency and coding are compatible with previous Simrad catch systems. This allows the PX sensors to be used by Simrad PI30, PI32 and PI50.

The other transducer(s) in the sensor work with a higher operating frequency, and communicate with other sensors on the same trawl or purse seine. These transducers are located on the side, under, or on the top of the sensor. The different catch monitoring sensors in the PX Family are set up with different transducer configurations to provide the requested measurements.

Sensor lids

By means of special "sensor lids" the basic functions of each sensor can be extended to include measurements of depth, temperature or catch. This means that a sensor set up to measure the distance between the trawl doors can also measure (for example) depth or temperature.