Split-beam transducer

The ES38DD is a split-beam transducer incorporating 88 Tonpilz elements distributed over four sectors. It is designed for fishery and research applications. The beam width is 7° at an operating frequency of 38 kHz. The transducer is filled with liquid, and has a depth rating of 1500 meters.

Split-Beam Technology for Marine Research

With a depth rating of 1500 meters and a nominal frequency of 38 kHz, the Simrad ES38DD split-beam transducer is a critical tool for marine research and fishery applications. Its 7° beam width is designed to offer precise readings, while the depth-rated design ensures durability and reliability under significant water pressure. The ES38DD offers a maximum transmit power of 2000 W, ensuring robust performance for various aquatic explorations.

Effective Transducer Mounting Solutions

The Simrad ES38DD transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating. It is equipped with an installation flange, allowing secure fastening to a mounting ring that is welded into the hull or at the bottom of a blister. This installation approach, facilitated by a clamping ring included with the transducer, ensures a stable and efficient operation throughout its deployment.

Comprehensive Delivery and Optional Components

The Simrad ES38DD is delivered with a Test Report, ensuring that customers are informed of the transducer's performance specifications. Optional items such as the KSV-113392 transducer with a 2-meter SubConn connector, and a mounting ring can be ordered to best fit the clients' specific needs. These accessories are available from Kongsberg Martitime or can be sourced elsewhere, adding to the transducer’s versatility and adaptability in different operational settings.

Key features

  • Depth-rated split-beam transducer for fishery and research applications
  • Operating frequency: 38 kHz
  • Beamwidth: 7°
  • Depth rating: 1500 m
  • Maximum transmit power: 2000 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 480 mm, Height: 200 mm

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