Simrad ES18

18 kHz split-beam transducer

The ES 18 is a split-beam transducer incorporating 44 Tonpilz elements distributed over four quadrants. The following specifications are valid when all four quadrants are connected in parallel.


The ES18 beamwidth is 11 degrees at nominal operational frequency 18 kHz. The transducer uses 44 "tonpilz" elements organized in four separate sectors. Due to its low frequency, the Simrad ES18 is ideal for use with deep water measurements. Maximum range is approximately 7000 meters.


The transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating or the bottom of a blister. The incorporated clamping ring is used to secure the transducer body to a mounting ring. The mounting ring is welded into the hull plating. The transducer can also be flush-mounted in the same manner at the bottom of a blister or a drop keel. The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a cable gland. This cable gland consists of a bushing, washers, a rubber gasket and a packing nipple.

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