High-precision scientific echo sounder and ADCP system

EK80 is a high-precision scientific echo sounder and ADCP system designed to quantify and monitor underwater ecosystems. The EK80 is a modular system capable of operating several different transceiver and transducer combinations, all through the same operator station. Based on more than 60 years of research and development in close collaboration with leading marine scientists, this wide band echo sounder system has succeeded the famous EK60, which became an international standard for fish stock assessment. The EK80 is now a wideband system with an operational range from 10 kHz to 500 kHz. The extreme range resolution and improved target characterization allow for a wide range of oceanographic applications.

Flexible System Integration

A wide selection of high-quality accurate surface- and depth transceivers and transducers are available for a flexible system, capable of integration on sensor platforms from small to large. Real-time echo integration and target strength analysis in an unlimited number of layers are provided as well as storage of raw data for replay or analysis in one of several post-processing software packages. The Ocean Science product EK80 has a defined and publicly available output format which is specified in the product’s interface description. For post-processing of the output data we refer you to this documentation, or use commercially available software applications like for example Echoview.


The EK80 once again confirms its position as the leading scientific instrument for measurements of aquatic ecosystems. With the EC150-3C transducer, the EK80 repeats its performance as an innovative acoustic system. It combines the absolute backscatter measurements from the split-beam echo sounder with physical oceanographic measurements from the acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) beams. And it all happens in one single instrument.

Mission planner

This EK mission planner is a planning and programming tool for autonomous echo sounders such as Simrad WBAT and Simrad WBT Mini. You can set up all necessary parameters related to "wakeup" and "sleep" times for the echo sounder, as well as transmission modes, intervals, and other parameters.

After you have planned the deployment carefully, all settings are uploaded to the transceiver.

Key features

  • High dynamic range
  • Raw data recording
  • High ping rate
  • Multifrequency application for species identification
  • Simultaneous transmission of all frequencies
  • Several frequencies covering the same sampling volume
  • Wideband frequency sweep ("chirp") with advanced signal processing
  • Echo sounder calibration module included
  • Remote control via web interface
  • Store and reload personal settings
  • Network interface for raw data recording
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) functionality
  • License-free software for replay purposes

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