Recently, proven developments and a new approach to transceiver design has put Kongsberg Maritime in a position to offer a high performance, active dipping sonar to the market. The SD9500 is suitable for meeting the challenging conditions of littoral waters and bring a new countermeasure into the area-denial challenge. The SD9500 is primarily a light type ASW sonar with special capabilities in reverberation limited areas. High bandwidth and resolution also makes this sonar quite suitable for detection of MLO (Mine Like Objects).

Versatile Deployment Options

The SD9500 stands out as a dipping sonar with the flexibility to be deployed from any surface, providing coverage in the direction of interest or a full 360° span. This adaptability extends to various vessels, including smaller ships (210m) or Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs). Notably, utilizing a dipping sonar from a surface vessel, such as a Fast Patrol Boat, not only ensures excellent vertical resolution but also enhances endurance during sonar operations in shallow waters. This advantage proves crucial for discriminating targets from the bottom and outperforms traditional helicopter operations.

Advanced Array Technology

At the heart of the SD9500 is a wideband composite cylindrical array comprising 1024 individual transducer elements. The system boasts a phased array that provides comprehensive control over all transmitter and receiver channels. This level of control offers flexibility for beam steering both vertically and horizontally, allowing for precise focus of transmitted pulse energy. Operating in the frequency band from 70 to 110 kHz, the SD9500 sonar is well-suited for a range of scenarios. An effective operation strategy involves deploying multiple sonars across a confined search area.

Customizable Operation Modes

The SD9500 sonar's operational versatility is further enhanced by its ability to operate in both multi-static and normal modes. This flexibility allows operators to tailor the sonar's functionality to specific mission requirements. To prevent interference between sonars, operators can select the active center frequency and frequency band. This customizable approach ensures optimal performance in diverse underwater environments, making the SD9500 a reliable and adaptable tool for marine operations.

Key features

  • Compact system, fits smaller ships
  • Enhanced shallow water features
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Transmission modes: Omni / Hor. Sector / Vert. Sector
  • Operation modes: Multi-static/Normal
  • Multiple pulses simultaneously
  • Inspection beams (interferometric)
  • Tilt-able transmit angle
  • Good vertical resolution
  • Good horizontal resolution
  • Electronic maps (S57 and S63)
  • Built in Sound Propagation Model
  • Multiple target tracking: Automatic and manual track initiation
  • Recording and replay
  • Alarms for objects/torpedo close to own ship
  • Built In Test (BIT) system.

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