Simrad TV80

Gear monitoring software

The Simrad TV80 gear monitoring software is the latest and most complete solution to show you all the information about your current fishing operation.


The Simrad TV80s flexible and intuitive design allows you to detect any changes or trends in the relevant data from the fishing gear and catch monitoring sensors. A quick look at the screen is enough.

User-configurable presentation of data

Several different presentation modes are available for data presentation in the TV80. With a large display, all modes can be viewed simultaneously, or with a dual-screen configuration for more information handling. The presentation of sensor data is organized in different views, allowing a maximum of four views simultaneously. These can be customized according to operational requirements or personal preferences.

Built-in frequency spectrum

The quality of the acoustic communication link between the sensors and the receiver can be challenged by noise. When noise appears in the same frequency range as the sensors are using for their communication, the resulting information may be unstable or unreadable. The TV80 offers a spectrum analyser that shows you the signals from each hydrophone. The graph in the Spectrum dialogue box provides you with information about the background noise and the signal strength in the selected frequency band. With this information, you can identify noise and find the "cleanest" frequencies.

Key features

  • Easy operation with an intuitive user interface
  • Flexible screen presentation options
  • Capability for up to four simultaneous views
  • Support for dual screen configuration
  • Ability to define and save personal user settings
  • Telemetry data recording at 60-second intervals
  • Built-in spectrum analyser feature
  • Stable data readings for reliable results

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