Simrad TP90

Gear monitoring and positioning transceiver

While PX and PxPos are fishing gear monitoring sensors with functional crossover, they are designed to meet different needs and achieve different goals. The Simrad TP90 Transceiver is an optional part of the Simrad TV80 fishing gear monitoring system designed to provide information about the PxPos sensors' relative and absolute positions.

A Simrad TV80 fishing gear monitoring system fitted with PxPos sensors and the Simrad TP90 Transceiver allows you to measure the range and bearing of each sensor on the trawl. These measurements provide the position of the sensors relative to the vessel and, thus, the location of the trawl. When this position is known, you can avoid wrecks and other obstacles on the seabed, and in case of accidents, it can be an aid to recover the lost gear.

A Simrad TV80 system fitted with the TP90 Transceiver can replace an existing ITI system.

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