Simrad SY50

Compact fish-finding omnidirectional sonar for coastal fisheries

The Simrad SY50 is an compact omnidirectional medium frequency fish-finding sonar designed for coastal fisheries. It is mainly designed for smaller fishing vessels and offers the latest technology available, previously found only on larger sonars and other acoustic systems.

Compact Design for Ease of Installation

The compact size and ease of installation makes the Simrad SY50 ideal for vessels with limited room for a sonar installation. There is no transceiver cabinet, only a small power supply. All the transceiver electronics are contained inside the transducer, resulting in less cables, less noise, and easier setup. The communication between the hull unit and the computer on the bridge is limited to a single Ethernet cable. Moreover, both the hull unit and the computer may also operate on DC power, which is perfect for coastal fishing vessels without a 3-phase power system on-board.

Advanced Sonar Capabilities

The SY50 uses 256 individual receiver- and transmitter channels to offer a clear and high-resolution sonar presentation, unparalleled in a sonar in this price range. This includes full beam stabilisation, vertical views, FM transmission, and single-ping transmission that covers horizontal and vertical in one ping. The popular 'Winson' operating software, with familiar user interface available in almost 20 languages, makes the SY50 incredibly user-friendly.

Efficient and Customizable Operation

The cylindrical multi-element transducer of the SY50 allows for omnidirectional sonar beams to be tilted electronically from +10 to -60° in 1° steps facilitating automatic tracking of fish schools. Built-in stabilization is available for electronic pitch and roll compensation with external sensor connectivity for enhanced accuracy. Users can also define and save their specific settings for efficient operation, while the optional small operating panel simplifies basic operating features, communicating with the computer through a single USB cable.

Key features

  • Small and compact, fits even on smaller fishing vessels
  • Operating frequency adjustable from 54 to 60 kHz
  • Operating range up to 2000 meters
  • Transceiver electronics placed inside the cylindrical transducer
  • Transducer can be lowered to 40 or 60 centimeters below the hull
  • Clear and high-resolution sonar presentation
  • Full beam stabilization, vertical views, FM transmission, and single-ping transmission
  • Familiar user interface available in almost 20 languages

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