Simrad PX Universal

Catch monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX Universal is a compact multi purpose wireless catch monitoring sensor. It is designed for use on purse seine nets, but it can also be used on trawl gears.


  • Fishing gear monitoring
  • Gear monitoring sensors
  • Purse seine & trawling sonar
  • Fish Finding
  • Hydroacoustic Synchronization

Versatile Solution for Monitoring

The Simrad PX Universal is provided in three different versions: PX Universal, PX Universal Depth/Temperature (D/T), and PX Universal Catch/Temperature (C/T). The version is defined by the type of sensor lid. The basic version has a neutral lid capable of measuring roll, pitch, height, and battery status. Whereas the most common version, PX Universal D/T, is used on seine nets for measuring depth, sink rate, and height from sea bottom to lead line.

Compatibility and Measurements

To receive information from the sensor, you need a suitable receiver (PI or SR Series), one or more hydrophones, and a computer running the Simrad TV80 or Simrad PI50 programs. All our PI Hydrophones are compatible, and even non-Simrad types can be used, provided the communication frequency matches. The sensor defaults to two measurements, but with a purchased license, you can make up to five measurements simultaneously, including catch, depth, geometry, height, spread, temperature, and battery status.

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