Simrad PX TrawlEye

Catch monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX TrawlEye is an unique multi-purpose wireless catch monitoring sensor with a built-in echo sounder.

Versatile Deployment

Place the Simrad PX TrawlEye on the headrope of your bottom trawl, or in the intermediate section of your pelagic trawl, to provide a crisp and detailed presentation of the fish in the trawl, the bottom conditions and the status of your gear. The sensor is provided in three different versions: PX TrawlEye, PX TrawlEye Depth/Temperature (D/T), and PX TrawlEye Catch/Temperature (C/T), each defined by the type of sensor lid.

Advanced Echo Sounder Capabilities

The Simrad PX TrawlEye provides a real-time echogram from the trawl using the wireless link. It is equipped with a composite echo sounder transducer enabling advanced LFM pulses. The echo sounder can be configured to suit various fisheries and adjust operational parameters such as pulse length, type, sounder gain, and echo range.

Licensing and Measurements

By default, the sensor can make two measurements. To add additional measurements you must buy a dedicated license, which allows up to five measurements simultaneously. These can include echogram, roll and pitch, height, geometry differential, battery status, catch, depth, spread, and temperature.

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