Simrad PX MultiSensor

Catch monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX MultiSensor is an innovative multi purpose wireless catch monitoring sensor for trawl and purse seine.

Versatile and Detailed Monitoring

The Simrad PX MultiSensor is provided in several different versions, each defined by the type of sensor lid. Options include the basic PX MultiSensor, PX MultiSensor Catch/Temperature (C/T), PX MultiSensor Depth/Temperature (D/T), and PX MultiSensor with Geometry transponder. Measurements taken by these sensors can include spread and twin spread, roll and pitch, height, geometry, geometry differential, and battery status for comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Advanced Sensor Functions

Beyond measurements, the Simrad PX MultiSensor offers remote functionalities for geometry and spread measurements. These advanced sensor functions facilitate monitoring without exhausting the sensor's capacity to conduct up to two measurements simultaneously, or five with the purchase of a dedicated license. The sensor's utility is further enhanced by compatibility with suitable receivers, a range of hydrophones, and the capability to run on Simrad TV80 or Simrad PI50 programs.

Product Evolution and Compatibility

It is noteworthy that the PX MultiSensor is available in two versions: the discontinued Mk1 and the current Mk2. Owners of the older version have the option to update their sensors to Mk2 functionality. For the smooth operation of these sensors, one may use all PI Hydrophones or even non-Simrad types, provided the communication frequency matches. This flexibility ensures that users can adapt the system to suit their specific needs effectively.

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