Simrad PX MultiCatch

Catch monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX MultiCatch is a simpler version of the PX Universal, the compact multipurpose wireless catch monitoring sensor for all types of fishing gears.

Versatile Measurement Capabilities

The Simrad PX MultiCatch is provided in different versions: PX MultiCatch Depth/Temperature (D/T) and PX MultiCatch Catch/Temperature (C/T), defined by the type of sensor lid. Equipped with a Depth/Temperature lid and configured for an SR receiver, the measurements include Depth, Temperature, Roll, Pitch, and Battery status. Similarly, with a Catch/Temperature lid, it provides Catch, Temperature, Roll, Pitch, and Battery status measurements. By default, the sensor can make two measurements, with the option to add more through purchasing a dedicated license allowing up to five simultaneous measurements.

System Requirements and Compatibility

To receive the information from the sensor, a suitable receiver (PI or SR Series), one or more hydrophones, and a computer running the Simrad TV80 or Simrad PI50 programs are needed. The system is compatible with all our PI Hydrophones and even non-Simrad hydrophones, provided the communication frequency matches.

Support and Contact Information

The Simrad brand name, owned by Kongsberg Maritime, ensures that all Simrad products are supported by Kongsberg Maritime’s worldwide support and training. For product information, software updates, and purchases, Simrad provides a global sales organization. Users are encouraged to stay in touch via Simrad’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For direct assistance, the relevant Simrad contact information for professional Fish-finding and underwater science systems is provided.

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