Simrad PX miniCatch

Gear monitoring sensor

The Simrad PX miniCatch is a wireless multifunction gear monitoring sensor. The sensor is provided in several different versions. The version is defined by the type of sensor lid.

The Simrad PX miniCatch sensor comes in several different versions.

  • Standard (no lid): This version includes the catch sensor with a side-pull and is the most similar to the PX MultiCatch sensor.
  • Catch/Temperature (C/T): This version includes the catch sensor with a back-pull and temperature measurement. A side pull is optional; you must order this separately.
  • Depth/Temperature (D/T): This version includes the catch sensor with a side pull and depth and temperature measurements. 

The basic version of the sensor has a neutral lid. The PX miniCatch sensor also has
a side pull that allows a great combination of measurements. To receive the information from the sensor, you need a suitable receiver and one or more hydrophones.

The specific measurements a sensor can make depend on its lid type, the gear's physical location, and the receiver you use.

Multiple measurements with the Simrad SR70 and SR15 receivers

When configured for an SR receiver, the PX miniCatch sensor can make one or more of the following measurements:

  • Catch
  • FA701 Catch
  • Roll
  • Pitch
  • Battery status
  • Temperature
  • Depth

Catch measurements with the Simrad PI50 receivers

When configured for a Simrad PI50 receiver (or older PI systems), the PX miniCatch sensor can only make catch measurements:

  • PI Catch
  • FA701 Catch
  • PI Catch + FA701 Catch

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