Simrad PX Flow

Wireless water speed sensor

The Simrad PX Flow Sensor is an innovative wireless sensor designed to measure the water speed to enhance fishery operations. Different species swim at different speeds, hence knowing the trawl's speed through water versus the vessel's GPS speed is crucial for efficient fishery. The flow through the net can be influenced by a multitude of factors such as tide, currents, and the net's physical properties. The Simrad PX Flow sensor delivers real-time information, allowing for adjustments in vessel speed to maintain the correct towing speed and adapt to the target species.

Wireless Catch Monitoring

The Simrad PX Flow sensor is a versatile, wireless multifunction catch monitoring sensor that measures the speed of water at the trawl opening or inside the trawl. This sensor differentiates itself by using a small built-in acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP), which employs the Doppler principle to measure water speed at a distance from the net—vital for accuracy in areas like a trawl tunnel where water speed decreases closer to the net.

Multiple Measurement Capabilities

Out of the box, the PX Flow sensor provides four different measurements and, with an additional license, it can measure up to eight parameters including Flow, Geometry, Height, Roll, Pitch, Battery level, Depth, and Temperature. The lid-dependent sensor comes in two versions: the PX Flow sensor standard with a neutral lid and the PX Flow sensor D/T featuring a Depth/Temperature lid, offering flexibility and tailored functionality for various fishing operations.

Mounting and Protection

To achieve maximum performance, the sensor should be placed on the headrope or the tunnel, below the net. Mounting is made easy with snap shackles attached to the mounting bar. For further protection during shooting and hauling, a metal protective cage is available for the PX Flow sensor, safeguarding the device from potential damage and extending its operational life in challenging marine environments.

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