Simrad PX Configurator

Configuration software for gear monitoring sensors

The Simrad PX Configurator program is a utility needed to set up Simrad’s latest PX gear monitoring sensors to operate together or with other types of gear monitoring sensors. It is a tool developed mainly to configure the gear monitoring sensors that will be read by software other than the TV80 software, such as the PI50 software.

Sensor configuration and calibration

When the gear monitoring sensors are delivered from Simrad, they are set up with their default settings. In some cases, the default parameters do not suit your operational requirements. This situation may arise, for example, if you have more than one sensor of any given type. You can then use the PX Configurator to change the configuration on the selected sensor. The utility offers dedicated dialog boxes to configure your new sensor.

You can also use the PX Configurator utility to calibrate the trawl doors in a remote place where no other calibration utility is available, like the TV80. 

Supported sensors

With the PX Configurator utility, you can configure and change the parameters of the following gear monitoring sensors:

  • PX TrawlEye
  • PX Universal
  • PX MultiCatch
  • PX MultiSensor Mk1
  • PX MultiSensor Mk2
  • PX Flow
  • PX miniCatch
  • PxPos

The TV80 program only allows you to configure PX and PxPos sensors. If you wish to use older sensors, you must configure them using their dedicated applications before you use them.

Who can configure gear monitoring sensors?

In most cases, a Kongsberg Discovery technician or any qualified service engineer from one of our dealers will configure your sensors. However, you can do it yourself if you have basic computer skills and access to the necessary equipment.

You need a computer. If you purchase a computer locally, ensure the chosen model meets the functional and technical requirements. The computer must be able to facilitate the various interface requirements made by the PX Configurator utility, and you may need to add extra Ethernet and/or serial adapters. The computer must have a minimum of one COM or USB port available. You also need the PX Configurator programming cable. The standard delivery does not include this cable, but you can order one from your dealer. The following operating systems are supported:

  • Microsoft Windows® 7 SP1®
  • Microsoft Windows® 10®

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