Simrad PX Configurator

The Simrad PX Configurator program is a utility needed to set up Simrad’s latest PX catch monitoring sensors so that they can operate together or with other type of catch monitoring sensors. The PX Configurator is a tool developed mainly to configure the catch monitoring sensors that are going to be read by a software different from the TV80 Software, for example the PI50 Software.


  • Fishing gear monitoring
  • Gear monitoring sensors
  • Fish Finding
  • Hydroacoustic Synchronization

Sensor Configuration and Calibration

Catch monitoring sensors are delivered from Simrad readily set up with common default settings. In some cases, the default parameters do not suit your operational needs. This is for example if you have more than one sensor of any given type. The PX Configurator can also be used to calibrate the trawl doors on a remote place where there is no other calibration utility available, like for example the TV80. Dedicated dialog boxes are provided to configure the new sensor.

Supported Sensors and User Interface

With the PX Configurator, you can configure and change the parameters of the following catch monitoring sensors: PX Flow, PX TrawlEye, PX Universal, PX MultiCatch, PX MultiSensor Mk1, PX MultiSensor Mk2, and PxPos. The user interface comprises several 'stand-alone' dialog boxes. Depending on the type of sensor connected, different dialog boxes with dedicated parameters will be used to perform the configuration itself.

Requirements for Setup

Sensor configuration is normally performed by authorized Simrad technicians. However, individual with basic computer skills and access to the necessary equipment should not find it difficult. Necessary tools and equipment include PX Configurator software, a PC with minimum one COM or USB port available, and the sensor programming cable which is included in the standard delivery. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10.

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