Simrad PI Trawl hydrophone

Hull-mounted hydrophone for gear monitoring sensors

The Simrad PI Trawl Hydrophone is dedicated to bottom and pelagic trawlers. It is designed to provide the best possible communication with the wireless gear monitoring sensors located on your pelagic or bottom trawls.

Optimized Hydrophone Placement

For effective utilization, you can use one or two hydrophones pointing towards the aft of the vessel, but it is critical to pay attention to the noise generated by the propellers. Each hydrophone is meticulously hull-mounted to ensure quality communication.

Advanced Beam Pattern Design

The Trawl hydrophone is engineered with a 50 degrees horizontal beam and a 30 degrees vertical beam, providing the catch monitoring system with optimal reception from the sensors on a bottom or pelagic trawl. This beam pattern, particularly suited for trawling, offers wide coverage and reduces the need for careful alignment.

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