Simrad FX

Third-wire modular gear monitoring system with sonar, video and wireless sensors

Is this the world’s most advanced trawl-mounted cable system? The Simrad FX system is a next-generation gear monitoring system. It offers your choice of sonar heads, deployment packages, cameras, and sensors to suit most fisheries and research needs.

Simrad's Legacy and Sustainable Fishing

Simrad, a trailblazer in cable-based trawl monitoring systems, is renowned for introducing the world's first trawl sonar in 1986. Continuously driving innovation in the fishing industry, Simrad addresses the crucial challenge of sustainability in the 21st century. The focus is on maintaining fish stocks, minimizing environmental impacts, and effective fisheries management. These guiding principles have led to a demand for tools that facilitate sustainable fishing practices, a demand that Simrad has met with the introduction of the Simrad FX system.

The Simrad FX System

The Simrad FX system represents a significant advancement in catch monitoring technology. It provides real-time insights into fish activity inside fishing gear through a live video stream, sonar, and various sensors. This system enables the identification of fish species and sizes acoustically, coupled with the capability to visually observe the contents of the net. This feature is critical for immediate action to prevent bycatch. The FX system also offers real-time monitoring of trawl movements and fish behavior, removing speculation and guesswork from fishing operations.

Headrope Unit Options and Flexibility

The Headrope Unit is a central component of the FX system, combining various subsea elements into a rugged deployment pack. Simrad offers three distinct Headrope Units for the FX system, allowing for interchangeable use with the same topside units. This modular design provides flexibility to adapt to different fisheries or to upgrade components as needs evolve. All Headrope Units are compatible with or without a Camera Unit, enabling a customised catch-monitoring system with options for both sonar and video, or either individually.

Key features

  • Revolutionizes your ability to identify, analyze, and catch with advanced technology
  • Live video feed directly from inside the trawl
  • Capability for image capture and video recording
  • High-resolution colour sonar and echo sounder images for detailed viewing
  • A small and lightweight system that offers easy installation
  • User-friendly operation with a familiar interface for ease of use


Simrad FX System brochure

Simrad FX Interactive system guide

Simrad FX Interactive system guide

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