Simrad FS70

Third-wire trawl sonar for gear monitoring

The Simrad FS70 is a third-wire trawl sonar for efficient monitoring of the net opening and fishing conditions. It combines 'the best of two worlds' by delivering robust communication with the vessel via a third-wire system and offering hydroacoustic link communication with wireless sensors on the trawl.

Comprehensive gear monitoring solution

The Simrad FS70 trawl sonar provides the 'full picture'. It utilizes the well-proven and reliable FS third wire system for communication between the submerged sonar head and the vessel. At the same time, it establishes hydroacoustic link communication with PX, PI, PS, or FA sensors mounted on the trawl, complemented by an integrated 200 kHz echo sounder.

Advanced user experience

The visual presentation provided on the bridge gives you a clear picture of the trawl opening, as well as valuable sensor information. This sophisticated solution empowers fishers with full control over any fishery type, enhancing the quality of the catch and improving efficiency at sea.

Key features

  • Third wire system communication with vessel
  • Wireless sensors via hydroacoustic links
  • 200 kHz echo sounder
  • Visual presentation for clear picture of trawl opening and sensor information
  • Improved control over fishery
  • Enhanced catch quality and efficiency at sea

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