Simrad ES200-7C

The Simrad ES200-7C is a 200 kHz split-beam echo sounder transducer. Recognized for its contributions to ocean science, it promises enhanced capabilities in surveying and data collection.

Design and Functionality

The Simrad ES200-7C is a wide-band split-beam transducer, specifically tailored for use in fishery and research applications. Operating at a nominal frequency of 200 kHz, it features a beamwidth of 7 degrees. A notable aspect of this transducer is its design, which includes four separate sectors, ensuring comprehensive coverage and precise measurements. Additionally, transducers manufactured in 2021 and onwards are equipped with a sensor to measure sea temperature, adding a valuable dimension to its data collection capabilities. This feature enhances the transducer's utility in a wide range of maritime environments and research scenarios.

Installation and Mounting Options

For installation, the ES200-7C transducer is designed to be mounted flush with the hull plating or at the bottom of a blister, facilitating seamless integration with various vessel types. It is furnished with an installation flange, and a clamping ring is used to secure it to a mounting ring that is welded into the hull plating or blister. Alternatively, the transducer can be flush-mounted at the bottom of a drop keel, providing additional flexibility in installation. The transducer cable extends through the hull via a stuffing tube and a cable gland, ensuring a secure and watertight passage for the cable, essential for maintaining the integrity of the vessel and the functionality of the transducer.

Ordering and Customization

To procure the ES200-7C or any optional accessories, customers are advised to contact their local dealer. In situations where a regular dealer is not available, Simrad offers a comprehensive list of its distributors and dealers on its website, making it easy to locate a suitable supplier. Dealers are equipped to provide detailed quotations that include both price and delivery information, ensuring transparency and convenience for the customer. Furthermore, the ES200-7C transducer is available with two different types of transducer cables, allowing for customization based on specific requirements or preferences. This flexibility ensures that the transducer can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of various fishery and research applications.

Key features

  • Wide-band split-beam transducer for fishery and research applications
  • Nominal frequency is 200 kHz
  • Frequency range: 160 to 260 kHz
  • Beamwidth is 7 degrees
  • Maximum input power is 1000 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 120 mm, Height: 75 mm

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