Simrad ES120-7C

120 kHz wide-band split-beam transducer with 7 degrees beamwidth

The Simrad ES120-7C is a wide-band split-beam transducer designed for fishery and research applications. The beamwidth is 7 degrees at a nominal operational frequency of 120 kHz. The transducer is designed having four separate sectors and transducers manufactured 2021 and onwards includes a sensor to measure the sea temperature.

Mounting and Installation

The Simrad ES120-7C transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating or the bottom of a blister. It is provided with an installation flange, and by means of a clamping ring, it is secured to a mounting ring welded into the hull plating or the bottom of a blister. The transducer can also be flush mounted at the bottom of a drop keel. The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a stuffing tube and a cable gland.

Ordering and Optional Items

The ES120-7C transducer is accompanied by a range of accessories and optional items to enhance performance and ease of installation which include various cable lengths, additional mounting hardware, clamping and mounting rings, an Arctic tank, and a transducer cable for specific conditions. To order the ES120-7C transducer or any of these optional accessories, contact your local dealer or use our website.

Handling and Environmental Specifications

To secure longevity and accurate results, it is crucial to handle the transducer correctly. It must always be treated as a delicate item and protected from wrongful actions, impacts, extreme heat, inappropriate cleaning methods, and damage to the transducer face and cable. The ES120-7C has specific environment requirements such as a storage temperature range between -20°C to +60°C and an operating temperature range from -5°C to +40°C.

Key features

  • Wide-band split-beam transducer suitable for fishery and research applications
  • Nominal frequency set at 120 kHz
  • Frequency range covering 90-170 kHz
  • Beamwidth precisely set at 7°
  • Maximum input power capacity of 1000 W
  • Physical dimensions: Diameter: 180 mm, Height: 85 mm

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