Simrad 38/200 Combi D

38 and 200 kHz transducers with a temperature sensor in a single housing

The Simrad 38/200 Combi D is a 38 and 200 kHz dual frequency single beam transducer. It is designed for fish finding and hydrographic applications, as well as for navigation echo sounders.

Combines two transducers and one temperature sensor in a single housing

The 38/200 Combi D combines two transducers and one temperature sensor in a single housing. The transducer is streamlined, and designed to be mounted under the hull. Flush mounting is not recommended. A fairing must be designed to fit between the top of the transducer surface and the hull. The fairing shall offer the necessary inclination angle, and provide space for the cable service loop. The fairing must cover the entire top surface of the transducer house. Supporting only at each end of the transducer may cause damage to the transducer if subjected to slamming. The transducer housing is provided with two holes for mounting bolts. These shall penetrate the transducer and fasten it to the fairing. The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a stuffing tube and a cable gland.

Key features

  • Frequency: 50 and 200 kHz
  • Circular beamwidth: 13 degrees (38 kHz) and 7 degrees (200 kHz)
  • Cable length: 15 metres
  • Weight (in air, with cable): 8 kg

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