My Quad! Kongsberg Discovery rewrites rules for sportfishing with SIMRAD QuadPing innovation

Kongsberg Discovery has announced a world first for the sportfishing market with the release of the SIMRAD QuadPing ™, an advanced sonar solution that utilizes four simultaneous transmissions to detect, identify, and help track fish targets from ‘the depths to the deck’. QuadPing will be available as a free upgrade for all current users of the acclaimed SY50 omnidirectional fish-finding sonar, making it the only 8” unit on the market with this generation of advanced functionality.

Demonstrating success

SIMRAD is the world’s most recognized brand for professional fish-finding equipment. The SY50 is especially designed for coastal fisheries, with the QuadPing capability refining the system for the most ambitious sport fishers. It will be demonstrated commercially for the first time ever at the West Palm Beach Boat Show, March 21-24, at booth 573, Atlantic Marine Electronics.

Mads Dahl, VP Sales at Kongsberg Discovery, explains how the technology will help fishers move “to the next level” in their pursuit of sought after species.

Game on

“We believe QuadPing is an evolutionary step forward in sportfishing technology, delivering a genuine competitive advantage for SY50 users,” Dahl comments.

“Used in dual, split-screen mode – with the ability to operate each screen independently for tilt, range and so on – QuadPing sends out four transmissions at once. One is shown on the first screen, as a reference point, while the other three, each with a separate, defined angle of tilt, are stacked on the second screen.

“The first screen/transmission works to detect the target, while the second then ‘maps’ it and allows for ‘hands off’ tracking all the way into the vessel. This level of insight is especially useful when it comes to identifying, and landing, the most coveted game fish types, such as Sailfish and Marlin. In that respect, this is a gamechanger.”

Simply better

The functionality is enabled by the SY50’s full omni stabilization of transmission and reception beams, while the unit’s specification and range allow for clear, high-resolution sonar presentation over a distance of 2000m (6500 ft).

Thanks to its compact size, simplicity and ease of installation, the SY50 is ideal for small vessels with limited room for a sonar installation.

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