Kongsberg Intellifield to license global infrastructure software to Baker Hughes

Kongsberg Intellifield
Kongsberg Intellifield to license global infrastructure software to Baker Hughes for gathering, distributing and managing real-time well-site data.

HOUSTON – March 4, 2008 Kongsberg Intellifield is pleased to announce that it has entered into a non-exclusive long-term contract with Baker Hughes to provide unrestricted use of the SiteCom®, Discovery Wells and Real-Time Intelligence software modules from Kongsberg Intellifield. Baker Hughes intends to implement these scalable software solutions to improve the response time for web-based delivery of advanced real-time visualization and analyses, regardless of the data density acquired. The contract is significant because of the global scale of the deployment.  SiteCom® is a real-time data management platform that is built upon Web 2.0 technologies and will allow Baker Hughes to create a globally integrated and secure environment for gathering, distributing, and managing data associated with the drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production processes.  This single infrastructure is intended to be deployed across the enterprise allowing collaboration, real-time decision making, and support of operations from professionals regardless of their location.  This infrastructure also is planned to be a model deployment that will be of interest to both international and national oil and gas companies interested in deploying their own secure enterprise wide infrastructure.  In addition to gathering, distributing, and managing data in real-time, it will allow the additional benefits of standardizing real-time and automated global processes including QC of data, seamless flow of data into interpretation packages, and performance of analytical calculations using real-time data.  The platform allows oil and gas companies to integrate real-time and static data from diverse vendors and service companies including LWD, mud logging, drilling instrumentation, equipment surveillance, daily reports, and many others. INTEQ, a division of Baker Hughes, is a provider of advanced Answers While Drilling technologies and services. Major capabilities include directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD) and well-site information management services.  INTEQ has been actively involved in the development of real time software supporting their RigLinkSM service since 1998 and are a founding member and active participant developing the WITSML standard. Baker Hughes provides reservoir consulting, drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production products and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Kongsberg Intellifield is recognized as the industry leader in providing vendor-neutral real-time integration and collaboration solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of operations in the oil and gas industry. CONTACT: Bill Chmela Vice President Marketing and Partnerships Kongsberg Intellifield bill.chmela@kongsberg.com