SiteCom® integrates real-time data, historical data, reports, files, chat and Video Conferencing from all sources on the rig and makes them available to this community through a single web-based interface. A globally distributed team then has simultaneous and reliable access to the same information during all operations on the rig.

SiteCom® was the first product on the market based on the WITSML standard – the Intelligent Oilfield standard for drilling data transfer. While others try to imitate it, no one can beat SiteCom® for speed, security, and flexibility to accommodate the growing number and variety of real-time data sources. SiteCom® is more than a simple link between rig and office. It allows the creation of a single, integrated infrastructure for a globally distributed work force.

SiteCom® – the platform that makes high-performance drilling operations possible.


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SiteCom Product sheet

Product sheet

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