Technology Award to Fishery Sonar

The Simrad SY50 is the winner of the 2022 Technology Award within KONGSBERG.

The jury states:

“The Jury based its decision on meeting several criteria, such as new and innovative way of meeting customer requirements in a way that exceeded competitor solutions. The Fishery Sonar has also already created value for KONGSBERG and will continue to generate a steady revenue stream. “

Receiving the award on behalf of the team in Kongsberg Maritime, wich has developed the SY50 since 2017, was (from left) Sveinung Skjervheim, Acustical Designer, Reidar Lode, Lead Hardware Designer, Sissel Ræstad Tofte, Team Manager Engineering​, Kristian Strøm-Olsen, Lead Mechanical Designer.

Sveinung Skjervheim, Acoustical Designer on the SY50, explains what kind of product they have developed:   

“The SY50 is a cylindrical sonar made for fish finding. It’s meant for being a high-end sonar in the low-cost market. It’s made for boats that usually don’t have a very high-end sonar. It is also made to be self-contained, easy to install – its only one hull unit with a sonar – no electronic cabins onboard. You have a PC operating on the bridge and that’s it. So, you get a compact, reasonably cheap fish finding sonar for vessels that usually don’t have that kind of high-end performance.”

About the SY50

sy50 (1).jpg

The Simrad SY50 is a compact omnidirectional medium frequency fish-finding sonar designed for coastal fisheries. The SY50 is mainly designed for smaller fishing vessels. It still offers the latest technology available. This includes functionality customers have formerly found only on the larger sonars and acoustic systems Simrad have delivered.

Its beams are fully stabilized in all direction and it supports many of the larger sonars' features like: simultaneous ping (horizontal and vertical), vertical view, dual view and inspection beam.

The sonar transceiver is incorporated in the transducer, so there is no external transceiver in the sonar room, only a power cabinet. Then from the cabinet, an ethernet cable connect the sonar to a computer with monitor and a keypad on the bridge. The sonar is assembled at the installation point making shipping the unit easier and cost effective.