KONGSBERG provides first site surveillance system for Norwegian offshore wind

Kongsberg Norcontrol has commissioned a site surveillance system for the offshore test site of METCentre (Marine Energy Test Centre). The system is the first offshore wind farm surveillance system implemented in Norway. 

METCentre is a world leading centre for testing of marine renewable energy technologies such as floating wind, solar and wave energy. The test centre provides concessions, infrastructure and services required for offshore and deep-water testing. The METCentre offshore test site is located in the North Sea, 10 km offshore, north of Stavanger on the Norwegian west coast.

Providing comprehensive maritime domain awareness

The Norwegian Coastal Administration operates an advanced VTS system at Kvitsøy VTS. Kongsberg Norcontrol is the main supplier for the system.  The Kvitsøy VTS has been operational with a Kongsberg Norcontrol system since 2003. The surveillance system delivered by Kongsberg Norcontrol to the MET Centre will include information from existing sensors of the adjacent Kvitsøy VTS (Vessel Traffic System), while offering information management tailored for the surveillance needs of the METCentre test site.

The METCentre system will provide comprehensive maritime domain awareness for the test site and export cable corridor, while also serving for demonstration and development purposes. The system will collect data on ship traffic, provide perimeter control and alert about potential hazards such as anchoring on subsea infrastructure. The system includes software for managing information, data analysis, logging, reporting and other important functionalities, along with the hardware needed to display it.

Improved safety, communications and data collection

- The site surveillance system provided by Kongsberg Norcontrol will greatly assist us in improving safety at sea, communications and data collection. We see this as a win-win situation where KONGSBERG also get to further develop their solutions tailormade for new operational concepts, something that perfectly aligns with our objectives, says Arvid Nesse, General Manager at METCentre.

- We have already delivered surveillance systems to Galloper and Humber Gateway offshore wind farms in the UK, and we are excited to now have commissioned the first offshore wind site surveillance system in Norway in cooperation with the METCentre and supported by the Kystverket (the Norwegian Coastal Administration), comments Jon Reiel Endal, Market Manager Offshore Energy with Kongsberg Norcontrol.

Norway controls large ocean areas that offer some of the best wind resources in Europe. There is a vast potential for development of offshore wind in Norway. With Hywind Tampen and the ongoing licensing round for Sørlige Nordsjø 1 and Utsira Nord, the development of commercial-scale offshore wind in Norway is now gaining phase.

Comprehensive offshore wind offering

KONGSBERG provides a comprehensive offering for offshore wind, including subsea-, seabed- and environmental survey solutions, site surveillance, construction- and logistics vessels and -systems, and a range of sensors and components for monitoring- and operation of fixed and floating turbines.

- KONGSBERG can combine site surveillance solutions with for instance continuous environmental monitoring from remote & autonomous vehicles. This will enable a much better understanding of the ocean environment and environmental implications. Furthermore, by combining site surveillance with reliable vessel operation and -control solutions, and new risk-based approaches for operations management, we believe we could enable co-existence with fisheries and aquaculture in wind farms. Norway has successfully set the standard for HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) for the oil & gas industry – and for responsible fisheries management. We believe we can set a new standard also for offshore wind development and -operation, says Geir Håøy, CEO of KONGSBERG.

Geir Håøy, CEO of KONGSBERG.

- Supporting the green energy transition is an important priority for KONGSBERG. We can do our part by enabling access to renewable offshore energy at lower cost and yet with enhanced environmental standards. The cooperation between METCentre and Kongsberg Norcontrol will help make our offerings ever more relevant to support these goals, concludes Håøy.

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