Richard Mills

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Richard Mills, VP Maro

Vegard Haugen
Time:           Tuesday March 17, 12:25-12:45.
Venue:        South Gallery room 9

The development of autonomous vessels and vehicles expands rapidly for a wide array of survey applications in the maritime domain. Main intention for these initiatives is to gather and distribute information from multiple sensors either in real-time or as input for post-processing tasks. 

A vital aspect in such operations is the communication solution, where several solutions are limited by range, bandwidth, and cost. In this presentation, examples illustrating the potential of phased array smart antenna technology to maximize coordination amongst manned, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous platforms are presented. Utilizing a flexible, long-range, high bandwidth solution empowers integrators and end-users to expand the capabilities of their platforms in single or multiple operational modes.


  • Aleksander Hammernes
    Solving challenges in inland waterway surveys
  • Aziah North
    Monitoring scour or sediment buil-up at offshore wind farms, intake structures of hydroelectric power plants & dams and bridge piers
  • Richard Dowdeswell
    The use of AI for the processing of bathymetric data

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