Historical picture of working men at Kongsberg Arms Factory

The shear width of KONGSBERG’s commercial operations can be both impressive and confusing. We have many product and market segments, but there is still a clear, common thread that holds everything we do together.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

KONGSBERG is Norway’s leading industrial technology enterprise. The company possesses both the ability and the desire to take the challenging route from initial idea right through to a tested and finished product.

KONGSBERG has a long tradition of developing products and solutions based on ground-breaking technology, ensuring that both the organisation itself and its products are seen as pioneering on the international stage.

Today, we are world leaders in a number of fields within the maritime, defence, aerospace, oil, gas and digitalisation sectors.


KONGSBERG’s core expertise lies in developing technology that is tailored to customer needs. Our strength is our ability to bring together a broad range of knowledge relating to products, technologies and market needs.

We place great emphasis on listening to our customers and their challenges, and this approach gives us valuable insight into how the customers think.

“The common thread for many of our products is decision- making support. By combining advanced sensor technology with user-friendly software, we enable the operator to make the right decisions, even in the most extreme conditions”, explains Even Aas, Group Executive Vice President Public Affairs for KONGSBERG.

Aas has identified four fields in which KONGSBERG holds a unique position and where Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine fits in perfectly.


The Naval Strike Missile is the latest generation Surface Warfare Missile System from KONGSBERG and is operational today in the Norwegian Navy.

KONGSBERG is strategically important to our customers, regardless of which market segment we are talking about.

We are a company that stands for something, that makes a difference and that offers added value to our stakeholders.

The technological solutions that we supply are of vital strategic importance to our customers, regardless of whether they are entire countries, shipyards, energy generators, food producers or shipping companies.  

In 2014 KONGSBERG celebrated 200 years in business. That’s two centuries of achievement, innovation and transformation – fuelling a journey that has seen us start as a small munitions business in Norway and emerge as a pioneering global technology provider.


Virtually no other company of any significance has operated continuously for more than 200 years like KONGSBERG. Rolls- Royce Commercial Marine also has a long and proud history.

 There should be no doubt that this tradition and proven ability to adapt to changing markets gives us foundations that we can all be proud of.  


Dynamic Positioning has been hailed as the greatest Norwegian engineering achievement since WW2. The secret behind the Norwegian Dynamic Positioning adventure was bold innovation, a willingness to take risks, and a small group of men with a big goal.

We supply products and systems that are designed to function precisely as intended at all times in critical operations and in extreme environments.

We develop technological solutions that are quite simply better than those of our competitors, to the benefit of our customers. Our systems are something to be proud of—regardless of how challenging the environment is.  


70 per cent of the Earth’s surface consists of water, and it is in the oceans that much of the economic development of the future will take place.

Over 80 per cent of KONGSBERG’s turnover is linked to the oceans. This percentage has increased further with Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine on board. The oceans are the Earth’s life- blood, treasure chest and larder.

90 per cent of our oceans remains unexplored to this day. Although they are already vitally important, our oceans are set to become even more important in the future, as the challenges relating to sustainable development and the number of mouths to feed increase.

Through our technology, we are helping to capitalise on the opportunities offered by oceans, an aim that is also high on the agenda for the United Nations.