A newly developed solution combining power plant control and vessel positioning control made Kongsberg Maritime the winner of the prestigious Kongsberg Technology Award.

  • Ove Ronny Haraldsen
    Group Communication Manager

The KM Energy Management System is a solution combining power plant control and vessel positioning control. A touch panel commands both the power management system and the DP control system. The system includes a powerful planning tool for the setup of the power plant and the power response. The technology introduces batteries into the power plant into a new integrated hybrid solution. The system is developed by KM Offshore division and KM Sales &Marketing. Eirik Mathiesen explains the output from KM Energy Management System.


- With this system the ship-owner can save fuel and operate much smoother towards all the installed equipment on board the vessel. Since we are doing all the calculations upfront, we can show the client how much fuel he can save by for example changing the heading ore how tight he wants to regulate his dynamic positioning. With this system the end client can save as much energy as possible since we are calculating and simulating everything.  

The lead team in developing the system are Nils Albert Jenssen, Eirik Mathiesen, Bjørnar Realfsen and Petter Faugstad Johannessen. Behind the solution lies a comprehensive development process. A lot of people internally in KM have contributed to the base technology. Both business development and the sales department has been involved in coming up with new solution and products.

- Its really nice to be appreciated since we have worked for quite long time with energy control and base technology. The last year and a half we have worked very hard to come up with products and a strategy known as “It’s all about Integration” - where you actually can achieve benefits while looking on operations, handling and energy.

"This is a step further in the strengthening KONGSBERGs position as a “Full Picture” provider."


Geir Håøy, Chief Executive Officer in KONGSBERG, had the honour of handing out the Kongsberg Technology Award. The objective is to promote outstanding technology achievements and create awareness about technology-based value creation across the KONGSBERG organization. The two other products which made it to the final round was the Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station from Kongsberg Protech Systems, and Naval Strike Missile with its Land Target functionality from Kongsberg Defence Systems.  

- Geir Håøy, how do you see the market potential for the KM Energy Management System?   

- This is a step further in the strengthening KONGSBERGs position as a “Full Picture” provider. This is even a fuller picture. I believe that we now really make a larger footprint on board any type of vessel fit for KONGSBERG. As the customer recognises the benefits and the possibilities of these kinds of systems, I am sure the market potential will be quite big.